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Residential conveyancing

For most people their home is their major asset and the likely to be the biggest investment they will ever make.

Whether you are a first time buyer, moving home and caught in a chain or re-mortgaging your home our aim is to make your move as smooth and stress free as possible. We will provide you with a quotation at the start of the transaction to enable you to budget and we will keep you regularly informed of progress throughout.

We have an extensive knowledge and experience of a wide range of property transactions and can assist you with:

  • Buying and selling freehold and leasehold property
  • Re-mortgaging
  • Auction sales
  • Shared ownership sales and purchases
  • Buy to Let
  • Transfer of Equity (the transfer of a share or your property to another)
  • Right to Buy from a Local Authority.
  • Lease Extensions, whether your are the Landlord or the Leaseholder

Accredited Conveyancing Quality

Commercial conveyancing

Whether as a user or an investor the market for commercial property is one to deal with “at arm’s length”. Good returns on an office building might make an attractive source of income but a rent review clauses that allows rent to fall as well as rise plus an uncertain economic outlook and even more a lease running out and the current rental value has fallen are all factors that make the property short term good but medium and long term bad.

We have specialists for you who not only have seen the ups and downs of previous economic cycles and specifically the effect that they have had on the commercial property market but who also are trained and experienced in leases and their renewal and rent reviews. Our report to you will highlight the potential pitfalls and risk analyse the investment to enable you to make an informed decision.

As a user you look at the property from another viewpoint altogether. Here you are the rent payer and whilst you are there in the property that’s all fine but rents go up and you may not want to be bound to stay if they do and if a lease expires you would like to know what your options are and whether there are nasty “stings in the tail” that the Landlord can use against you.

Dilapidations when taken with a full repairing liability can be a nasty pill to swallow and Rent Review clauses are often not standard and can land you with a rent bill of a far higher amount just by you doing nothing.

Our experience with these “word encyclopaedias” known as leases is great and we believe you will emerge from our advice better able to decide that you do wish to proceed or not.

In business sometimes you have to enter less than perfect situations; if you need to do that do so knowing fully what the risks are.


Our Criminal Solicitors have extensive experience and expertise in criminal defence litigation. We specialise in the following areas:-

Murder, Offences under the Sexual Offences Act, Drug Offences, Serious Fraud, Burglaries and Robbery.

Business start-ups

If you have an idea for a brand-new business we can discuss, together with your accountant, whether the business should be sole trader partnership, limited partnership or limited company. Unless you operate on your own, a legal agreement between yourself and your colleagues is essential. You must consider when your investment will be repaid and how you will deal with a departing colleague/investor?

Maybe you are thinking of a Joint Venture (JV). Be careful to identify what each venturer is putting in and what he or she is entitled to in return. If part of the JV is the introduction of a pre-existing business then you will need to ensure that that business is all it seems.

Are you going to employ staff? Will the business rent an office factory or shop? Do you need to register a Trade Mark or even a Patent?

Any initial time spent planning and research will count for a great deal when you take on a new investor or even sell further down the road.

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Wills, probate and related services

AcrobatDownload PDF on Why to Make a Will


  • Why should you make one?
  • What happens if you don’t?
  • How often should you make a new will?


AcrobatDownload PDF on Probate

Probate is the administration of a person’s estate upon death. This can be a complicated and time-consuming task. Essentially it is the process of collecting together someone’s money and property after they have died and distributing it to their beneficiaries.

The process is carried out by the deceased’s personal representatives. If the person has made a will, the personal representatives will be the executors named in the will. When someone dies intestate, the personal representative – usually a close relative – is known as an administrator.

AcrobatDownload PDF on Estate Administration
  • What is probate?
  • What does an executor or administrator do?
  • How long does it take?

Enduring powers of attorney

AcrobatDownload PDF on Lasting Power of Attorney
  • What is an enduring power of attorney for?
  • Who can make one?
  • What powers does an attorney have?
  • What are the implications for tax planning?

Long-term residential care and specialist financial management in the event of Mental Incapacity

  • How can you plan for the fees?


  • When might a trust be useful?
  • What are the different types of trust?
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Civil litigation

AcrobatDownload PDF on Civil Litigation

Commercial disputes can be time consuming and costly. They are almost always detrimental particularly where long-standing business relationships may be threatened, which is why at Montague Ledgisters & Co. we aim to reach a quick and satisfactorily conclusion for you.

Services under the Mental Capacity Act

This is a recently introduced document which enables a person to ensure that his or her financial affairs ore personal welfare can be looked after by a person who can be trusted should you become incapable by means of the mental incapacity. Looking after your financial affairs or your personal welfare either from the point of view of your personal residence or medical care.

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